Wildlife spotting & Camping near Pune @ Nisargshala

Have you ever got sight of an animal in the wilderness?

Wildlife spotting and camping near Pune

Wildlife spotting and camping near Pune

Get closer to nature at our watching wildlife events and enjoy the sights, sounds (and sometimes even smell) of not just birds, but bats, butterflies, rabbits, porcupines, wild boars, monkeys, giant spiders, plants and even moths.
Wildlife spotting event covers a range of experiences from our Date With Nature event to night trails.
With some of the these activities you will spend some of the time at campsite learning about the creatures, before going out to find them.

The itinerary

  • Arrival at campsite

  • Tent pitching

  • BBQ preparation

  • Small Session on Wildlife spotting tricks, identifying pugmarks, safety and security while in wilderness

  • Dinner

  • Night trail for wildlife spotting

  • Back to campsite

  • Next day – Tea & Biscuits

  • Breakfast

  • Nature connect activities

  • Lunch

  • Back home

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