Unseen Torna and a son of the land

A wonderful camping trip in Pune

Last week’s camping trip was just amazing. Campers trekked, explored some new pathways, saw the unseen TORNA fort. Thrilling one was the way down the fort towards #Nisargshala campsite. Even the best part of this trip was that the campers commuted to and fro using State transport bus, The Lal Dabba. They were delighted with this out of the box experience in RED BOX.

Torna Trekking

Camping near Pune


Camping near Pune

Apart from the camping delight, we met a couple of locals(See the last pics). This man who was in his 90s, was selling butter milk along the Rajgad-Torna trail. He was carrying fresh butter milk(छाछ/ताक) in two bags, in harsh sunlight and without any footwear. At this age, he does all the chorus of grazing cows, taking them to waterholes, milking them, most appreciable is selling the butter milk in harsh sunlight with no shoes or chappals.
This is secret of long and healthy life. The life which is away from the hustle n bustle of the over polluted, over populated cities.



Pictures captured by – Yashdeep



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