This is why we should LOVE MOUNTAINS

Recently we all heard a news of a death at Harishchandragad of Sahyadri. The person who lost his life was well known in the circle of hikers, trekkers and climbers of Sahyadri. His name is Arun Sawant. Upon doing little research on his life, one can easily learn the fact that Mr. Sawant had been wandering into Sahyadri for more than 40 years now. It’s a great deal of time, you see!

Well, in spite of the accident, his going away left a life lesson  for all of us. The lesson is “Love Mountains”.

The more time you spend outdoors especially in mountains, the more benefits you get out of it. Perhaps Mr Sawant learnt about these benefits at the quite early years of his life. People used to call him सह्याद्रीची घोरपड the monitor lizard of Sahyadri. He climbed every possible mountain, every pinnacle , every fort in Sahyadri. Some say that there isn’t a single pathway, trail in Sahyadri, that he hasn’t been to!

Well this is called as love for mountains. He did trek, hike, climbing expeditions all across Sahyadri. He did camping at altitudes where commoner can only see from road head and appreciate the beauty of mountains.

Our NAMANA to this great mountaineer of Sahyadri.


Why would he spent so much of his time in the mountains?

Let me put forth a few reason, which are quite appealing.

Mountains keep to physically FIT

At the age of 60, when Mr Sawant thought of running a marathon; he did not have to prepare too much for that. He was in all perfect shape and size to run the marathon. He participated and he won 3rd positions also. It did not happen in couple of weeks or couple of months or even couple of years in mountains. He had been to mountains for more than 40 years now.

Mountains give you space


While up in the mountains, most often, you’re going to have poor network coverage which means you get a chance to truly disconnect. You don’t really realise just how important that is until and unless you’ve actually disconnected. It’s like a little bubble and while at first, it’s tough, slowly but steadily, it becomes rather easy. For a generation that is obsessed with our phones, the mountains come as a pleasant change as instead of your phone, you’re looking at. With this disconnection, you get space to connect with mother nature and connect with real people around you! AWESOME isn’t it!

Absolute Beauty of Nature


Though we have cameras to take photographs and vids, we still can’t get the real excitement of being into the real, beautiful places, while looking at the photographs. Mountains give opportunity to become part the unmatched, unhuman, perfectly natural frame. You might need to do hike or sometimes do a rigorous trek to get to the top of a mountain, however once you are up there, and the view that you get to see from up there is peerless. Its incomparable. I sometimes go and sit quite for at least a 30 mins with bird’s eye view of the terrain.

Tranquility and Peace


Who doesn’t want such an vicinity where there is absolutely no disturbance and where there is thorough peace. We all love such an experience. However, you can get such an ambience only when you trek, hike, camp in the real nature, up the mountains. Sure the terrain is rough and getting to some places may seem like a task but, if you’re willing to look past that and actually notice things, you’ll realise that the mountains are actually filled with beauty. Every bump and fallen rock has a story and looking beyond the discomfort is when you truly begin to see just how amazing your surroundings are. From the picturesque scenery to the winding roads, everything about the mountains will captivate you. That is if you let it all in!



In the wake of climate change, pollution and quality of life being degraded, Its only the mountains, the far mountains, which guarantee the purest of the air to pass through your lungs, rejuvenate you and make feel uplifted. Wherever you go to mountains, make sure you take a deep breathe all the way down to lungs and your diaphragm , and you will quickly realise and understand the purest quality of air, up there.

You become Adventure Freak


Wowed , thrilled I am as mountains offer variety of sports aligned with them. Go Trekking, Go hiking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Ziplining, flying fox, mountain running, trail running, paragliding , hand gliding, mountain biking, motorbike off-roading . See there are many a things through which one becomes friends with Mountains.

Enriching life


Overall, when you are in rural areas around mountains and hill, you enrich your life. You meet also also people. People who have been living in those mountains for hundreds of thousands of years. You get to see the rich traditions of theirs. You get to see the harmony of those people with Mother Nature. You get to see how these people live happily with bare minimum resources.  You learn life lessons, the lessons which no university can teach you, the lessons which no stress management class can teach you, the lessons which no trainer can teach you, the lessons which no best sellers books can teach you. You learn life lessons, from the life itself.

Why wait friends, get ready, get prepared and get going, head to mountains.

Hemant Vavale

Nisargshala, Pune

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