Hemant Vavale

Hemant S Vavale

He, with all passion and love towards nature and outdoors is another camper and team mate of Nisargshala.

Basic mountaineering course ,  at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi. More than 20 years of outdoor experience include trekking, rock climbing, Himalayan expeditions, leisure tours, wild life excursions.

A former teacher, social activist, an IT professional and weekend camper, has developed a methodology for all to establish the bond between an individual and mother nature, and encapsulated the same as Nisargshala.

He has actively participated many social awareness drives and led some. Since 1996, He has been involved in different activities regarding environment awareness, tree plantation, seed planting drives in Mulshi, Maval and Velhe Talukas of Pune district.

As a teenager, he started his experiences with nature under the guidance pioneers in environment movements like Gulab Sapkal, Jagdish Godbole, Anand Palande.

Yashdeep Malwade

Camping near Pune

He can only be found on forts or in valleys camping and hiking on weekends

He is in truth a “camper” rather than a nomad, and he possesses the invaluable soldierly attributes of the man unchained by cities and accustomed to wander far in a hard and bracing natural world. He is both attractive and a trekker.

Advanced & basic mountaineering course ,  at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi. 20 years of outdoor experience include trekking, rock climbing, Himalayan expeditions, leisure tours, wild life excursions.

He is an expert in print and graphics designing with exposure to digital photography , have great interest and experience in Himalayan Mountaineering expeditions and greater rock climbing expeditions in Maharashtra.

Sanjay Parkhi

used to be an IT professional. He has 12 years of years in IT industry. As a teenager, he developed great interest in outdoor adventure. Initially he trekked hiked many forts and peaks in Maharashtra, some times with some group and sometimes solo. Later he sought proper training in adventure from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering( NIM). Got himself trained in varied adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, hiking, rappelling, snow and ice climbing. He has been part of many expeditions in these many years. Organizing and effectively managing outdoor activities for corporates , schools and colleges has been his expertise for years. He also has great love towards bike rides. He has explored and opened many bike off-roading routes so far. He calls his bike rides as ‘Ride into Unknown

With more than 16 years of outdoor experience including trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, leisure tours, bike riding, photography, exploring sahyadri forest & wildlife; he makes a perfect leader in outdoors.

Former IT professional & outdoor expert with love towards adventure activities & camping.

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