Detoxification is a term which has got tremendous glamour around it now a days. And you know why is so? In simple literally terms, detoxification is opposite of intoxication. We can infer simply that whatever we are doing everyday, or months and years, for the entirety of our lives, we are feeding ourselves with toxins. And removing these toxins from us is called as detoxification. We do intake toxins in numerous ways, in our bodies. Be it food that we eat or liquid (including water) that we drink. There are many other factors affecting unfavorably such as pollution, dust, fast food, soft drinks, processed food items, packaged food and beverages etc. All these things have become so general and integral part of our living that we can hardly identify them as toxins any more. Off-course these toxins haven’t changed their after effects, either slow of instant! Becoming overweight, always depressed, always under tremendous pressure, high BP, life style diseases such as diabetes and many more. We hear sorrow news of young people dying of heart attacks. So worrying and alarming all this is! The way there is intoxication happening at bodily level, it is decaying us mentally as well. We are being intoxicated by so called media, social media, smart phones and so called technology. This is digital intoxication. This digital toxification is even worse than bodily intoxication as this, impacts individual’s overall well being. Today I am not going to get into details of bodily toxification and how to avoid it. I have a wonderful mantra for all my reader, which helps everybody, who practices it, in effective way. These simple and easy tricks/steps you can certainly follow to make sure that you are digitaly detoxed. Remove unnecessary notifications In our social media platforms, it is quite possible that we are in connection with hundreds of unnecessary people and businesses. Are they really important for you? You need to take a call on this and make sure either silence notifications from those or you are completely un-associated with them. There are only four things you need to be connected with ie Family, friends, health and work. However, work can for sure be disconnected from social media platforms if your work is not related with people. So primarily there are only 3 kinds of people you should be linked with on social media. For rest all, either you silence their notifications of unlink yourself from them. Stay away from glamour Stardom, name and fame, glamour are actually not for everyone. I mean not everybody can cope up with these things. Infact, once in the habit of living in the virtual online world, its very difficult to get an easy reward in real life situation. I have seen people who are something else in reality and they portray rosy, beautiful , attractive, glamorous image of themselves on social media. This will kill you slowly. So live the life as you are living in reality and portray the same on social media. Stay away from glamour (and fake glamour) Watch your hand always! Its quite possible that you, even without your knowledge, after every 5, 10 minutes, take your hand to your smart phone, slide it open and hop on to social media. And you do all this for no reason at all. This is a type of addiction if not saved in early stage. That’s the reason I say, keep close watch on your hand. Everytime your hand goes to pick up that smart phone, you can ask yourself a question as Why to pick up smart phone this time? Follow natural cycle of work sleep and life! There has been a very clear understanding across the globe. And everyone is in agreement seems! We have got 24 hours to live everyday. We should spend 8 in sleeping, 8 in working to earn and 8 free time or the time for yourself. Yourself means for yourself truly. If you think that keeping your smart phone with for 16 hours a day, is going to increase your productivity, they you are unproductive already. Keeping a smart round the clock with you is not going to increase your productivity at all, rather it will decrease you productivity and your performance. People who are labours means they follow certain routine in their work life, and keep repeating it, they decrease their productivity if they work for more than 40 hours. And for creative people, the time is 20 hours. So as per your work kind, you can find out for how many hours in a week you should keep your smart phone with you. And rest of the time, should always be kept fot yourself, this could be family time, friends time, reading, dancing, developing hobby. And mind one thing, social media is not a hobby, its an addiction. Digital fasting People do fast for sake of good health and bodily detoxification. You can do digital fasting to detox your mind of the toxins fed to you by social media. This simple fasting is either you willing put away your phone for 24 hour time window every week or going to location where there is no network at all to mobiles. We can not avoid, keeping and using smartphones. Its part of our daily lives. However we can certainly refrain our self from overusing it. And this is , per my understanding digital detox. You are welcome to our campsite, 70 kms from Pune. Fortunate enough we are, that we don’t have network access to any telecommunication operator, in our area. The people living in those villages are also very hapy and lucky until now. And we don’t know for how long it is going to remain the same. Vikas would overpower the peace of the valley, may be in coming 2-3 years. By that time, we have a place near Pune, which I call as ‘Digital Detox zone’. Hope you liked my article. 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