Stargazing party in Pune

Stargazing party in Pune


Star gazing & Meteor Shower watch parties near Pune

Weekend around NEW MOON

We organize stargazing camp ie a night dedicated only to star gazing under guidance of experts, once every month. We see sky full of stars with minimum light pollution. Also you can glance thru telescopes at the deep sky objects like nebulae, far away galaxy, planets and star clusters. Please see full calendar of stargazing events at the bottom of the page.

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Star Party for all in Pune

Its time to dust off your binoculars and telescopes. We have clear night sky now. And this is the just the right time to star gaze. We are organizing Star party for people of Pune and around. In this event there will be as follows
Inclusions –
1. Sessions of stargazing
2. Identifying directions with the help of star
3. North star/Pole star identification
4. Introduction to different constellation and stars and many other objects in the sky
5. Introduction to Ancient Indian astronomy and constellations 
6. Expert Guidance and assistance through out the event
7. Midnight and early morning tea


Option 1

Cost – 1500 Rs per head with Stay & Food as per overnight camping package.
Report to campsite – 5 pm 
Check out – 10 am next morning

Option 2

Cost – 700 Rs per head without tent stay & without food.
Report to campsite – 6 pm 
Check out – 7 am next morning

Other instructions, sky map and list of things to carry would be shared upon registration.

You can stay connected with us via

Whatsapp (9049002053) –  Please ping me on this number and i can keep you posted.

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Hemant S Vavale



Contact Hemant for registration. People who have registered only those will be allowed for star parties.


  1. Reach campsite any time before it gets dark
  2. Download Skyview app from google play store before you reach campsite
  3. Bring mat to sit or to relax
  4. Bring pull overs or sweaters to protect from cold
  5. Some snacks
  6. Tea would be made at the campsite and offered.
  7. No flash lights are allowed once the program starts
  8. Smoking and consuming liquor is not allowed at the campsite
  9. Registration has to be done for individual or groups (everyone’s name, age must be submitted), from the website booking page with Star-Party message.
  10. Morning tea would also be given.
  11. You can check out after tea in the morning.
  12. You can bring your telescope or binoculars
  13. We also have telescopes at the campsite
  14. Star gazing session would be taken by our experts
  15. You must carry identity card and there is going to be registration form you will need to sign once you reach the campsite.
  16. Make sure we don’t disturb other campers at the campsite

Click following link to register for this event. Select appropriate date.  Put “Star-Party” in at the beginning of text, when you enter names and age of all people in your group.

If you want to  register  for Camp stay with BBQ, dinner, morning breakfast,  please feel free to talk to us on 9049002053

Name – Nisargshala

Account Number – 50200033792832

IFSC – HDFC0002493

Branch Pirangut/Kasaramboli

Google Pay – 9049002053

Registration form below

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Some of the Star gazing review for nisargshala

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

An amazing picture of this far away galaxy , taken during our starparty on 25th Jan 2020, by citizen scientist Yashodhan Panse @ our campsite
Camping near Pune - Geminid Meteor Shower
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