Star gazing near Pune @ Nisargshala

Stargazing near Pune

We do stargazing session every weekend, for people who come for camping and adventure at our campsite. A detailed session of stars and constellations with brief history of astronomy and glance thru telescopes. Apart from this, we organize star gazing Party every month on a weekend, especially near the new moon night. A very thorough session , may a couple of sessions , viewing deep sky objects thru telescope, learning interesting facts about those deep sky objects and learning, unlearning diff theories and thesis in group. We have this party going on the whole night and anybody can take part in this Star Party, star gazing program near Pune.
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Star gazing Party near Pune

First Weekend after every NEW MOON

We organize star party ie a night dedicated only to star gazing under guidance of experts, once every month. We see sky full of stars with minimum light pollution. Also you can glance thru telescopes at the deep sky objects like nebulae, far away galaxy, planets and star clusters.

What is nisargshala?

Star gazing near Pune @ nisargshala

Whether you live in a city or the villages or small town, at some point you’ve probably stopped to marvel at the night sky. But how do you know what you’re looking at? If you want to get a bit more intimate with the skies, here are some tips from nisargshala,Pune for taking your stargazing to the next level.

Quick tips for Stargazing near Pune

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