Some tips to viewing meteor shower

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Meteor showers has always been a subject of curiosity and excitement for human beings throughout history and even these modern days. It does not only attract kids but adults also. This week is we are going to see wonderful  and one of year’s most prominent meteor shower. The dates are 13th and 14th Dec 2018.

For enthusiasts, here are some tips for viewing meteor showers.

Where to go to see meteors?

City lights are basically a great obstacle in viewing meteor shower or even stars in night sky. You got to find out a place which is away form city lights and even village lights. A place which is plain and from where you can have great line of sight till far end horizons all round.

Do we need any equipment?

Ideally speaking we don’t need any equipment to see meteors. Meteors are seen clearly with naked eyes. However, while you are waiting for meteors in dark place, you can certainly aim at some planets or nebulae through binoculars or telescope. 

How to adjust eyes to darkness?

Make sure you reach your stargazing spot some time before the shower. Give yourself and your eyes enough time to calibrate to the darkness. Make sure you don’t use head torches or torches and point directly at someone’s eyes. Laser beam torches are hazardous to our eyes. Avoid laser beam torches. Avoid lights pointing upwards. Avoid bonfire.

How to tackle cold?

These are the days when our sun is little away from earth and impacts in severe cold. To see meteor showers you must be travelling to some remote location. Such location are free from air pollution also. So all this results in quite cold atmosphere at nights and early mornings. Following are some o the tips which would help you enjoy meteor shower spectacle.


  1. Carry head torches or normal torches.
  2. Carry and wear enough winter wear
  3. Sweaters, pull overs, woolen caps, gloves thermals put on whatever you have or keep them handy so that you can put them on whenever you need to
  4. Carry some stuff to keep up with night hunger. Normally when we are awake we tend to eat more. So you can carry some healthy stuff which would give you calories and some fats. Do not overeat though.
  5. Carrying a mat to sleep on ground is a good idea. Lying flat on back  and keeping eyes up on the sky is ideally a good posture to see night sky and meteor shower.
  6. Carry and keep thermos  water bottles with hot water in it to use it in special needs only.
  7. Avoid playing loud music or play some soothing light music is good which can keep your spirit always high. Means you need to carry portable speakers with batteries well charged. or individual can bring their headphones.
  8. Make sure your phone is on flight mode. Carry you power bank if you need to use your phones as torches.
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