Indian Roller Bird (नीलकंठ) @ Nisargshala

Indian Roller Bird.

Yet another beautiful bird, Indian roller bird (नीलकंठ) spotted at the campsite during last weekend’s Nisargshala camping trip.

The colorful wings of this bird attracts attention immediately. Very rare to spot, this bird has got status of sacred bird in Hinduism and is considered as Avatar of Lord Shiva, who keeps eye on the world while flying. Also it is considered as the representative to Lord Shreeram according to a folk poem of north India. Sighting Neelkanth on dussera is considered very sacred amongst Hindus.

Indian Roller bird (नीळकंठ)

Plan you camping trip to view many such beautiful birds, with Nisargshala.

Yet again, these great photos captured by none other than Yashdeep Malwade

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