Family Camping story

En-route Campsite


We started early morning on a Saturday from Pune. As it was an exclusive two days family camping event, we accompanied the campers since the beginning. The road we chose is an amazing drive along a lake and through dense forest .

En-route Campsite


Fun @ Campsite

With heavy dose of Vitamin D, at the campsite upon our arrival, the participants along with kids rushed to the river to have fun. One year old Rachit was also not exception. Taking dip in the natural fresh water, rejuvenated everybody. 


Setting up tents

The parents were determined to give the experience of pitching up the tents to their kids. Fathers, mothers and even kids pulled up their socks to set up the camp.

Setting up Tents – Monsoon camping near Pune



A walk through clouds  – Nisargshala trek


Literal meaning we mean here. Yes, we offer this kind of experience . 

Experience matters – The monsoon way

BBQ, Bonfire and singing

All vegan BBQ, authentic village food, singing and bonfire, was a perfect combination to make some long lasting memories.

BBQ, Bonfire and singing – Family camping near Pune


Next day, everybody geared up for waterfall rappelling. To get to the waterfall, we have to walk through nature, cross the river, trail through Bamboo grove some ascend and then we all reached the top of the waterfall. Three years old Puki (Aditee Manish Saha), did walk alomost all the trail on her own. Everybody did waterfall rappelling including kids from the age 8.

Adventure  – Camping near Pune


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