Can we learn from Nature?

We all, in this material world have been leading our lives as we want. Sometimes or may be many times we feel very much low about everything that is happening in our life. We think that Our life, which is certainly, a very tiny part of this huge cosmos,  is controlled by something which is outside. Where as the truth is We are, the way we are, product of what we do to ourselves. This is one of the many things that we can learn from nature.

Especially during the crisis of Covid19 and the lockdown imposed there after, we are now living in closets. Many of us have now understood the importance of being into the nature. Many of us have now realized that we are, humans are the species which is causing trouble to the nature. We are the one who is creating nuisance in nature. We are the one, disturbing the harmony in the nature. We have realized if we stop doing all this, we can breathe purest air even in cities. We have experienced it during lock-down. haven’t we?

Mother Nature can be the most benevolent and, at times, can be ruthless. She nurtures her creations and, at times, mercilessly wipes them away. She is our mother, our first teacher, perhaps the greatest lesson that she teaches us is to maintain a balance in life. A state where we do not overcome with joy or succumb to our sorrows and fears.

It’s true that nature can teach you a thousand lessons to learn from and be inspired. In this very post lets see some very basic principles of life, that we can learn from Nature.

Know, never forget and respect your roots

With time, a sapling grows into full-grown tree, something that was so tiny and delicate develops into a strong tree capable of supporting others. No matter how tall it grows, how much it may flourish, or how many animals and birds it may support, its roots are firmly buried from where it once rose. We should learn to keep ourselves grounded, respect and embrace our origins, and hopefully, give something back to those humble beginnings that nurtured us into who we are.

Peaceful Coexistence

I am because we are… nature provides every creature a chance to exist, no matter how big or small it may be. However, the existence of one creature or being depends on the existence of the other. The tiger eats the antelope; without the antelope, the tiger wouldn’t survive. Likewise, without tigers, the over abundance of antelopes would cause them to starve to death.

Bees, insects, flies are also great examples of co-existence. They do extract what they need, only for present day’s hunger. Flowers feed them in exchange of pollination. This is called harmony. We can find harmony in nature everywhere.


A plant bearing flowers in the riverbed near camp site

A plant bearing flowers in the riverbed near camp site

Have you ever noticed the different types of leaves on different plants, the brightly colored flowers, and unique patterns on animals? With so much beauty around, who could deny that nature is the most creative artist out there! Take a minute to admire this beautiful artist’s creation around you, be inspired, and create something that will in turn inspire others.

Let the Sorrows Wither

Riverside campsite

Riverside campsite

If you cut a hole in the tree, it will grow around it. If a meteor makes a crater on the chest of the earth, it will fill it up with different beings of this earth. No matter what may come in its way, a river will continue to flow, to provide for all those who depend on it for their survival. Similarly, no matter what grieve may break your heart, know that life goes on. The pain will slowly subside and enable you to grow in the process.

Live Life One Day at a Time

लिंगाणा किल्ला

Kunal Deshmukh – A volunteer of nisargshala

Life isn’t about making lists and trying to be one step ahead of others. Life is to live. Take a break and smell the roses, daydream or do whatever makes you feel happy. Do not worry about the future, and let go off the past; today is a present enjoy it.


When birds or squirrels see a potential predator around, they give out an alarm call to their fellow birds or squirrels of the potential danger lurking around the corner. They put themselves in danger to save the lives of others. So heroic, yet so ordinary! In nature, many animals, like the salmon, usually die after they spawn, but this doesn’t stop them. One life extinguished for the betterment of others is a small price to pay.

Change is inevitable

Just like the icy cold snow melts in the warmth of spring to give birth to fresh green leaves, come autumn these leaves age into shades of gold only to be once again buried in the cold grave of winter. Change is inevitable; the sooner we embrace this, the better it is for us. It is important that we enjoy what we have to the fullest because who knows how long it will last. At the same time, you should not get so attached to things that parting with leads to heartbreak and sorrow.

There are many more principles that we can learn from mother nature. Do share what you have learnt so far from Nature…

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