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Velhe Camp

Welcome to Nisargshala, your gateway to adventure nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats near Pune! Situated in the picturesque Velhe Taluka, our campsite is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you camp by a small rivulet, surrounded by majestic mountains and hillocks. Our location at the foothill of Rajgad and Torna Forts offers a perfect blend of serenity and adventure, making it an ideal escape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Western Ghats with Nisargshala, your ultimate destination for outdoor adventures near Pune.

Self Transport

The best way to commute is self transport as it would save a lot of time and you can take scenic route as you like. See Below

Taxi Available

We can arrange a cab for you to reach to nisargshala at an extra and actual cost

Safety Trip

We ensure Safe excursion be it stargazing or Advenute trip

Public Transport

The public transport is not available at suitable timings. If you wish only to join stargazing then you can board a us at Swargate in Pune around 03:30 pm, it would drop you at nisargshala by 07:30 pm and the same bus you board early morning around 7 am to get back to Pune. The bus stay overnight at Guhini Village, so yo can inquire about it by Guhini name. 02024449980 is ST help line to inquiry.

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Pasali, Velhe, Balwad Shenwad Road, Pune, Maharashtra 412212
090490 02053

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Let's start your journey!

Driving Drirections for Nisargshala Camp

Make sure you trace nisargshala location, as this will make the map of the campsite location offline in your mobile device. As you cross Velhe village, there is no network to any mobile service. So keeping maps offline helps while reaching the campsite from Pune.

Route 1 via Kadve pass - Very scenic road. All season. Below average road condition

Route 1 – If you are a wheel freak and always want to explore something new  then this is the route you should take to reach Nisargshala. The road will take you along Khadakwasla dam to your right and then, you enter one of the best passes on India with hairpin turns and dense rain forest.
Villages enroute = Khadakwasla -> Khanapur ->
Kadve Phata Panshet ->Kuran -> Kadave Khind -> Vihir -> Velhe -> Bhatti -> Pasali 

Route 2 via Pabe Ghat - Scenic road with average road condition.

This road is again a very beautiful and scenic with very little traffic once you leave the city. Once you reach the top of the mountain via the road along valleys, you almost get to the height of Sinhgad fort and Torna Fort.
Pune -> Khadakwasla -> Khanapur -> Take left turn as you go pass Khanapur village -> Pabe -> Velhe -> Bhatti -> Pasali  

Route 3 via Nasarapur - above average road condition.

Dont fully rely on google maps
Google maps sometimes shows shortest route which might take you to from very remote and bad road.

First you have to cross toll plaza @ Khed Shivapur on Bengalore highway
and then you take right turn @ Nasarapur  to Velhe.Means as you start from Pune, you should put Nasarapur as destination in your map. So as you cross toll plaza, drive 5 kms further then you can put Velhe as destination in google maps and reach Velhe. Once you reach Velhe, please put in Nisargshala as destination and drive through the scenic mountains to Nisargshala.

Let this weekend be a "date with nature" along with your family and friends

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