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We all know , govt of Maharashtra has allowed Outdoor activities from June 3rd,2020. We haven’t started our operations yet as we were in the process of making camping more safe during the crisis of COVID-19. We have now decided how the events are going to be carried out. This standard process would ensure minimum human contact. Please read instruction below which details to TO DOs for safe camping.


Stay home if you have: A cough, fever or any symptoms of illness Recently returned from travel outside of Pune; or Been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Stay Local

While we all look forward to future road trips and exploring new locations, for now, we ask that you stay close to home, avoid non-essential travel, and enjoy where you live. This is not the time for long distance travel for recreational purposes.

No stopping En-route

If at all, you are up for the camping trip, you must make sure that you dont stop anywhere en-route. This way we are minimize contacts with people.

At the campsite

Once you reach campsite, after validating guests against IDs proofs you have submitted while booking, you would be shown your tent(s). There are sign boards at the camp, we request you to adhere to those instructions and also instructions of you camp facilitators and staff.

General yet important instructions


Following  is the roadmap of your the camping trip

Check in and check out timing as per your camping package.

Kindly let us know the veg/nonveg count. (All veg right?)

Things to carry

  • Identity card – Any identity card issued by govt authority

  • Two extra pairs of cloths,towel,etc

  • Sport shoes

  • Sun cap

  • Woolen cap and cloths (very important as temperature may drop down to 8 degrees even in summer)

  • Carry pillow if you need one.

  • Personal torch

  • Water bottle to refill from the container for drinking, one per person.

  • Personal health care stuff as medication if any , tooth paste, brush, hair oil, towel

  • Extra protection from cold for kids. Woolen/warm cap is must.

  • Suns cream

  • A mat/chatai for you to lay your hair down while star gazing

  • Powerbank to charge your phone if u need it to take pics

  • Bring Hand Sanitizer and Masks without fail

  • Download and print the sky chart of the month and bring along, while camping or you can simply download skyview app on your mobile and use at the campsite

  • You can carry some snacks, especially if you are attending stargazing camps. We stay awake most of the night and might feel like eating, so u can keep some healthy snacks handy. Make sure you carry the wrappers back to the city with you.

  • Stargazing needs favorable weather conditions, which are hardly in our hands.  In worse scenario, we will ensure best staying experience as usual in the lap of mother nature, skipping stargazing.  

  • An umbrella (in Monsoon)

  • Rain suit 

    (in Monsoon)

  • Enclose all above things in a bigger polythin /waterproof bag and then put it in your backpack ..

    (in Monsoon)


Some tips…

  1. Trace the map on google before you start your journey from Pune. This will help mobile download the map images while you are in city itself (Location map). Use android phone to make map offline. Some iPhones loose the track enroute especially once you leave network coverage area. To know which route to take please click here

  2. Turn your phones to Flight mode if you see there is no reception on the phone, this will save phone battery

  3. Be careful with match box sticks , as the grass is susceptible to catch fire immediately which may cause tremendous damage to ECO system if fire is spread.

  4. Avoid too much of plastic bags or try to carry your plastic back to the city, with you.

  5. Read some information on CAMPING if you are new to it. Camping is basically going back to nature, re-establishing our bond with mother nature, feel the warmth and the cold of her embrace.

  6. There is no network to mobile at all , so make sure you inform your loved ones accordingly to avoid any chaos if your (all group) phone becomes unreachable for all the event period.

Kindly call in case of any help finding Nisargshala campsite, while your are driving to Nisargshala.

Alternate contact number – 9822042117

Note – We reserve the right to skip some or all activities in case of adverse weather condition to ensure safety of all participants.

Check list for Stargazing & Astrophotography

Especially for those who dont opt for tent and food. and wish to stay awake the whole night

Star Party (During winter) – required items –
Air pillows,
socks 2 pairs thick
jacket with hoody (Balakhlava + Kantopi + hoody),
Air mat (gadi),
folding chair (optional), torch,
Tripod (mobile, camera),
power bank,
red colored transparent paper
Chatai / Mat for each in your group

Camp location - Make sure you download the map before you start

Somethings to know about Adventure activities

  • Out Adventure Instructors are trained from NIM i.e. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, a Military training Institute , run by Govt of India.
  • These instructors have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Adventure activities and adventure tourism.
  • We follow all safety standards laid by IMF  (Indian Mountaineering Foundation)
  • The participants must know that they must be in good health or dont have any disability if they wish to take on the adventure
  • The cost for these activities is per attempt whether its successful or not.
  • You can opt in for adventure activities while you do booking or at least one day ahead of your camp day

Make BBQ an amazing experience @ nisargshala

  • We offer BBQ batter as mentioned by you in the booking form. Last minute changes are in preferences are highly impossible as we do not operate restaurant or its not a resort.
  • We provide coal, coal stove, grills, skewers etc with marinated BBQ batter. Participants are expected to light up the grill by themselves.Our staff would certainly give you initial lessons.
  • You are expected to grill BBQ youself for you and your group. All instructions are given to you, dont worry.
  • You also try various other BBQ recipes like Egg BBQ, BBQ pizza, BBQ bombs. For these experiments you should bring along with you necessary ingredients. 

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भुते आकाशात आहेत!

आपली इंद्रीये आपल्या फसवु शकतात. जे काही तारे आपण पाहतो ते खरतर जसे दिसतात तसे नसतातच. कधीही आपल्या कल्पनेत सुध्दा नसेल इतके हे ब्रह्मांड, विज्ञानामुळे समजलेले ब्रह्मांड, विचित्र आहे. प्रकाश, काळ (वेळ), अवकाश आणि गुरुत्वाकर्षण एक महान षडयंत्र करुन वास्तव निर्माण करतात. व हे वास्तव आपल्या इंद्रीयांच्या कक्षे बाहेर आहे. अतींद्रीय आहे.”

अनादी अनंत आकाश

एकीकडे या ब्रह्मांडाची व्यापकता, ब्रह्मांडाची विस्तार पाहिला की आपणास आपल्या या क्षुद्र मन,अहंकार, बुध्दी जनित स्वःत ची किव आल्यावाचुन राहत नाही. तर दुसरीकडे सावरकरांसारख्या लोकोत्तर माणसाने स्वःतविषयी अर्थातच या समस्त मानवजाती विषयीच एवढे धाडसी विधान करणे हे म्हणजे एकाच नाण्याच्या दोन बाजु असल्यासारखी ही दोन विधाने आहेत.

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