Weekend Adventure camping event near Pune

Do you want to go  Camping around Pune, choose Adventure camping at us and go camping worry-free.

All camping fun and thrill but at ease, without burden of camping gears means ‘Adventure Camping  near Pune’

Nisargshala is the much appreciated by the campers amongst all the Camping sites near Pune. In true sense, Nisargshala is  the blend of adventure and comfort. Age is no bar, kids, youngsters, adults, senior citizens all can have fun camping.

The camping trip itinerary as follows

  • Arrival at the camping site any time after 05:00 pm

  • Introduction to the vicinity and surrounding

  • Tea & Biscuits

  • Walk along the bank of river

  • Tent allocation

  • BBQ preparation and lighting up the grill by 06:30 pm

  • Enjoy BBQ till 08:00 pm

  • A session on star gazing depending upon the sky clarity

  • Dinner by 09:30  pm

  • Go to sleep

  • Wake up early, do some yoga,meditation (Voluntary activity. This area is so serene and calm that you can certainly get to new heights if you meditate by the river early morning.)

  • Tea & Biscuits at 06:30 am

  • Tent wind up and get bag packing for the activity

  • Breakfast by 08:00 am

  • Leave camping site for Adventure/Nature Connect

  • Back to camp site by 1:00 ppm in noon

  • Lunch at by 01:30 pm

  • Rest

  • Back home for the city by 03:00

  • cost – 1800 Rs per head

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