Trek to Rayling Plateau

Trek to Rayling Plateau

We would be walking along the crest line of western ghats, without speaking a word and our aim is going to be to become one with nature. Many canyons, cliffs,falls creeks, pathways are going to be our companions on this wonderful journey. We will walk through forest, leaving behind only our pug-marks and carrying awesome impressions of nature around. May be you get to see rainbow or you may find yourself encircled in a rainbow. You may feel the cold breeze reaching deep into your throbbing heart and pumped up muscles. You may find amazing many creatures while you are on your way to heaven and yet you will find that there is a great harmony amongst everything in the nature. Ultimately there is quite a possibility that you may find out the truth that “YOU ARE NATURE”


Duration of trip – 2 days & 1 night

Custom dates can be booked? – Yes

Individuals and couples can register? – Yes

Cost – 1800 Rs per person.


100% Advance payment to register

Contact for more information – 9049002053

Actual view from the destination

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