Advantages of getting out in nature!

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We humans are nothing but an integral part of the nature, just like all other creatures incluging huge animals to micro-organisms. We are just like them. We have little upper hand as we can relate to past and draw assumptions to make future even better. And if we use this ability in right way we can take the entire world including all human beings and every single element in the nature to whole new height of harmony. If at all there is any creator, it must have thought of a big role to be played by human being in nature. Are we really playing the role of peace and harmony keeper in nature? A big question, isn’t it!

We have even forgotten the basics, the roots of ours so no wonder we have  already forgotten the noble role, awaiting for us to be acted upon. We have even forgotten that we are fundamentally nature. We are not something other than nature. If we restore these principles in life, our lives would thrive. Generations would feel the amazing ability to lead lives in peace and harmony.  Today I am talking only about lives of human being however that’s not it!

Let me tell you some fundamental benefits of being into the nature. We are quite away from these benefits now a days. We are on the verge of losing them forever. Common men and women, must learn these benefits so that, everybody in the society can benefit from those.

Nature deficit disorder exists, and most of us have it.

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An area near our campsite

Richard Louv is a person I look up to all the time. He coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to describe the social, behavioral, and health consequences of alienation from the natural world. Although scientists are just beginning to understand the health impacts of urban, mostly indoor living, one thing is clear — we need to put down our devices and get outside.

It’s good for your heart (mind)

Japanese researchers have shown that forest bathing, the practice of sitting in the forest, lowers your blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate variability. It has also been shown to decrease stress hormone levels. We at nisargshala, do this activity for our guests. They feel the peace deep inside.

camping near pune

Can you see a rainbow encircling us?

You’re less likely to be overweight

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With my better half at a beautiful river

I am a good example of this. I was trapped in corporate living and overgrown my body weight to everyones surprise. In last two years, I am on the path of “Lets get outside” and the results are just amazing. In both kids and adults, access and exposure to nature has been shown to lower the risk of obesity. This relationship is most likely due to increased physical activity. Additional studies show that forest bathing decreases blood sugar and cortisol, both of which are also associated with obesity.

Other precious benefits – You’ll be happier and improve your memory

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With Friends at a pass near Pune

People who live close to nature experience less anxiety and depression. Walking in nature has been shown to improve mood and short-term memory in people with depression, as well as decrease rumination (repetitive, negative thoughts) and brain activity associated with mental illness.

You’ll fight off illness more efficiently

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Can you see reflection behind me? This is on the way to our campsite

Again, let quote here, my own example. The last I was in ill-health, was in 2017. Not even seasonal illness could put me to rest in bed.  Exposure to nature improves immune system function in otherwise healthy people, increasing the production of natural killer cells, an important part of our defense against viruses and cancer.

We do better

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Kids playing Indian games

In children, time spent in natural settings decreased ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms. In adults, contact with nature improves focus, concentration, and work productivity. And for adults, it results in better productivity at work.

Benefit of exercise without doing any

camping near Pune

A kid camper trying her tree climbing skills at nisargshla campsite

Being outside is good for your health, even without the benefit exercise. But if you do choose to exercise in nature, studies show that you’ll feel a greater sense of revitalization, energy, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Nature is painkiller

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Introducing One with nature activity to campers

Just looking at nature scenery in a photo or out a window can reduce our experience of pain.

Harmonize with nature’s rhythms

Being outdoors, and away from artificial lights, helps synchronize your biology to natural circadian rhythms. Scientists investigating chronobiology, the study of biological rhythms, have shown that our connection to natural light/dark cycles helps to regulate our sleep, our moods, our stress levels, and our hormones.

camping near Pune

Want too see a woodpeckers nest? Join us

Indeed, feeling of gratification

Setting aside artificial stimulation and immersing yourself in nature makes you more aware of your surroundings. You hear the rustle of leaves, the creaking of leaves, and the songs of the birds. It’s mindfulness meditation at its most simple.

camping near Pune

I like the mountains because they make me feel small, they help me sort out what’s important in life

To our good luck, Pune is such a beautiful city, surrounded all round by amazingly striking natural world. If you keep exploring every weekend, it will take almost three years for you to see all the places.

You can get most of these benefits even with sporadic exposure to nature. Even if you can only get out of the city infrequently, it will improve your health in countless ways. What are you waiting for?


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Note – Author is engaged in offering nature experiences with the help of different activities in nature. Every weekend he organizes camping event near Pune, in Velhe. These excursions focus on posing direct; Guided experiences to men, women and kids from City, such as camping, hiking, trail walking , heritage walks, heritage hikes, stargazing, One-with-nature, adventure, etc.

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