Nisargshala, What is it?


Today, our lives seem to be structured much differently, a world where the phrase “Go play outside” has been replaced by television programs, computer time, mobile games, videos, social media and Wii Fit.

Modern humans lived in nature for most of their long history. Even once colonization into cities occurred, people were surrounded by nature in the fields and farms where they lived.And until thirty or so years ago, People still spent the bulk majority of their free time in contact with nature. Urbanization brought about parks and playgrounds to play in; fields, forests, and empty lots to explore; and even in nearby backyards. Children freely played, explored, and interacted with nature without restriction.

Today’s world is much different. As  Children and even grown ups we no longer freely explore the world around us, and many have extremely limited contact with nature at all. Fear for safety,  work pressure, extra working hours, late night working, competitive age, structured lessons and activities, and electronics are some of the main things which keeps us from going back to mother nature. Spontaneous interaction with nature is most often limited, at best.

Free play in nature encourages children to create games with their own invented rules, conduct experiments with nature, and learn lessons that aren’t “taught” by anyone. These types of “no rules” situations promote inventive play and give children a deeper understanding of nature.

Spending time in nature helps professionals also in great extent to rejuvenate and revive. It helps us to come back on track , allow some time for ourselves for an inward journey.

While playground equipment is a perk of modern urbanization, its uses are more finite than those nature provides. Although equipment can be open-ended, imagined as a castle one day and a boat the next, nature is ever changing. Crossing a stream one day might become searching for treasures under river stones another day as the stream dries up. Tactile outdoor experiences teach children differently than a lesson or even reading about a subject can , same is the learning experience for adults also.

Besides the educational benefits, connecting with nature has more benefits than might be obvious. Research shows that children who are allowed to explore outdoors are socially and emotionally happier and healthier. Adults who are more in outdoors in natural world tend to be happier than anyone who is engulfed in modern day lifestyle.

       Our purpose is to be offer a platform for city dweller to spend quality time in nature, in a safe and secure facility with all basic amenities like washroom, clean and hygienic food & drinking water. Here we expect people to explore more the nature around the campsite, find and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, get into the stream of water nearby, touch the rocks and boulders, smell wild flowers, pluck and eat wild berries, have a good deep sleep under the shade of tree, spend time gazing millions of stars, spend time creating theories of life around bonfire.

And we are pretty sure that we have been successful in our purpose so far!


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