10 ways to celebrate World Environment Day

World Environment Day

 World Environment Day

Its World Environment Day today. Wondering

what its all about?

Its a call made for the first time in 1973 by UN and the purpose is to empower masses to become active in the mission  to turn the blue into green.


There is lot of information available on internet about WED.


Why not you “HAVE YOUR SAY” on the occasion of WED.


Various ways / platforms you can use..

  1. A small 5 mins gathering of office mates and make them aware of degrading environmental situation
  2. Celebrate, GO GREEN day in office..
  3. Avoid plastic throughout the day
  4. Circulate list of some ECO-Friendly products
  5. Tell your kids the importance of not littering anywhere
    and also about recycling
  6. Use social media to tell the world that YOU CARE for MOTHER NATURE
  7. Give some innovative creative ways , solutions to the world in order to save the planet.
  8. Log on to below page and you HAVE YOUR SAY
  9. Invite/inspire people to HAVE THEIR SAY
  10. Share this write-up with as many people as you can


Happy Nature to you..

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