Thinking of going camping near Pune? Want to make a perfect weekend getaway near Pune? Looking for outing places near Pune? Looking for adventure trip near Pune ? Looking for family camping near Pune? Looking for a place close to nature? Enjoy in real nature, feel one with nature and have fun with BBQ,trekking,stargazing,rappelling,campfire,tent stay and much more

A morning @ nisargshala

Well... we have everything you are looking for!!

Trekking / hiking /trails

Rappelling / Waterfall Rappelling

River Crossing


Become one with Nature

Star gazing

What is camping ?

Camping is not only about stay in tents, BBQ and campfire. There much more to it. The main objective of camping should be to get back to nature in true sense. The essence of camping is being into the nature, going back to the basics. While camping with us near Pune , you have got may options to explore at Nisargshala, throughout the year. Each season gives us its unique gifts.

Upcoming exciting events

Camping Packages

overnight couple camping near Pune

Overnight Camping

Peaceful stay in the lap of mother nature near Pune @ Nisargshala. Activities like Camping, BBQ, Cost - 1500 Rs per person Include - 1 meals, 1 breakfasts, tea, camping, BBQ
Check in - 5 pm & Chk Out 9 am next day. Space to nurture, rekindle relationship.Family and kids friendly event, in fact they love this camping trip near Pune. Go Camping with nisargshala!!

Adventure Weekend getaway Camping near Pune. In this package you get all the fun and thrill of camping in real nature near Pune. Our campsite is located in the core of western ghats near Pune. This area is called as Velhe and located towards southwest of Pune city at distance of 70 to 80 kms from Pune.

Rappelling ADDON

Seeing a waterfall from far makes us happy, getting under such a waterfall makes us happier however coming down with the falling water , right in the waterfall would certainly make your happiest moments for lifetime. Cost 1400 Rs Per person. If you go for combo package with overnight camping , then u get waterfall rappelling only @ 800 Rs

River crossing at nisargshala

River Crossing

You cross the river like a soldier does in mountains, yes we offer this experience in mountain and you cross actual river. We have experienced and trained staff for all such great activities @ nisargshala. The cost per person 500 Rs if you are coming for stay and 800 Rs if you are coming for one day picnic.

Best place for camping near Pune?

In Wilderness, there are many camping places near Pune. Trekkers go there. However ours is a campsite near Pune, which is safe and owned by us only. At our camping ground near Pune, you get an opportunity to connect with  nature. There many activities we would want you to explore while at Nisargshala.

गणितासारख्या एका अर्थाने रुक्ष असलेल्या विषयामध्ये पी एच डी घेतलेल्या डॉ, प्रा. स्मिता कांदेकरांकडे निसर्गाकडे पाहण्याचा खुपच हळवा व मधुर दृष्टीकोण आहे. पती पत्नी दोघेही सहकुटूंब निसर्गशाळेत या वर्षी पुन्हा आले. दोन दिवस त्यांच्याशी भरभरुन गप्पा झाल्या. सरतेशेवटी त्यांच्याशी झालेल्या या गप्पा चित्रित करता आल्या. यांच्यासारख्या संवेदन शील लोकांकडे पाहुन आम्हाला देखील उभारी येत असते. निसर्गशाळा व एकुणच निसर्ग याविषयी यांचे विचार ऐकण्यासारखे आहेत.

Hear it from Pramila

Guest Speaks about their Experience with nisargshala. Pramila is a phenomenal woman. She has achieved so many goals and she keeps inspiring many. She has been our guest over weekend. Listen to her experience with nisargshala

"Somethings" you should never miss !!!

BBQ and Bombs

We you go camping at nisargshala near pune, don’t foreget to have these delicacies. We are very much sure that you will not get Nisargshala like BBQ and bombs anywhere else around Pune. Campers from Pune have admired our style too much. On special requests you can have whole stuffed गावरान chicken also during your camping trip near Pune.

Adventure for all

Boys, girls, youngsters, parents, grandparents almost everybody can have the thrill of adventure @ Nisargshala camping near Pune. Age is no bar for adventure. We have a natural cliff at our camping ground in Velhe, near Pune. This will make you feel thrilled. And this is the real fun of camping!

The nature around

While camping here you get opportunity to see and feel the best natural world near Pune. The valleys, creeks, mountains, sunset, trees and even wild animals. Probably Rayling is the best Sunset point near Pune n we do arrange trek to this place. 🙂

Something never to be missed at all

Shooting stars @ nisargshala

The Geminids is the king of the meteor showers. It is considered by many to be the best shower in the heavens, producing up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak. 13th Dec 2021, mark it!

New year @ serene place in nature

On Friday, the 31st Dec, 2021; we welcome gentlemen and women to celebrate new year eve in absolute serenity where you can become one with nature.

Magic of winter can only be experienced at nisargshala

In short, you can go camping at nisargshala in any season, throughout the year. We help you have the best ever experience of camping with activities like trekking,rappelling,nature connect, stargazing, monsoon rides, waterfall rappelling etc.

What else you can do @ Nisargshala camping site

Camping delicacy​

We provide you with all the utensils, charcoal and firewood. You got to come up with ideas for camping dishes like Bombs or anything that can be cooked on fire with minimum efforts. You can search youtube for such camping cooking hacks and some mouthwatering recipes.

Camp n Meditate

Find out suitable,plain place for you at the campsite, preferably by the river and practice your meditation in this absolutely unspoilt, serene vicinity. When you do camping at nisargshala dont forget to connect with yourselves, connect with mother nature, Find details here

View of Lingana from Rayling

Camping games

Lagori, Kancha, Gilli-danda, Kho Kho – recognise any of these names? Will children of this generation have the same memories? Most likely not! While camping, why not play desi games like kabaddi, aatya-patya, sur-parambya, laghoree, gulli-danda, etc..Yes this all is possible when you do camping at nisargshala.

Wild Camping Delicacies

Karvandas and some other wild edible fruits are rich source of important nutrients.We get to eat stomach full of such berries at nisargshala while camping. Fruits like mango, jackfruits, jamun, toran, etc are indigenous to Sahyadri and good news is that you can have those while camping  

Camping Flora n Fauna

Our Camping ground, being into the core of the western ghats near Pune, we get to see also also species of flowers, creepers, shrubs and trees in this area. Each season offers different flowers to see and take photographs. Some times even some algae would imprint wonderful art work on rocks.

bird watching camping near Pune

Camping & Birding

You got to be patient and determined to sight, spot some very beautiful birds of western ghats near Pune. If you are lucky enough you can even see Indian eagle owl in the surrounding area of camping ground. Sighting Indian roller bird is quite easy but be alert..

The campsite is clean in the lap of unspoilt and beautiful hillocks near Pune (From Mumbai you got to cross Lonavala then Pune and then you leave NH4 for Velhe).

What Our Guests say

Wonderful camping experience with Nisargshala last week. We were a group of 11 people and absolutely loved staying at camping site. Everything was well organized and thoroughly planned. We enjoyed BBQ, campfire, star gazing (clearest of skies I have ever seen), small telescope and astrophysics knowledge sharing session by Hemant Vavale and his incredible team. Tents were spacious and it was mesmerizing to be so close to nature. Also rappelling activity was conducted very professionally well. Will surely recommend Nisargshala to everyone keen in going closer to nature. Will try to visit camp again in May next year. Also all this was managed at very nominal and genuine price. It was totally worth it. Keep up the good work team!

Amit Bhardwaj

Amit Bhardwaj
IT Professional from Pune

Highly recommend this place for people who are interested in real camping(do not expect leisure camping here). Wonderful experience at nisargshala. Hemant and Yashdeep were very polite, patient, and knowledgeable hosts. Food and barbecue was tasty. All the activities were also nice like stargazing, moon watching, sound map games, trekking and rappelling. My 9yr old daughter did rappelling. Totally unexpected. Thanks to Yashdeep. Would like to go again with group of friends.

Sharvari Gokhale

A traveler and homemaker from Pune
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